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John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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Rev. Kenneth Martin
July 25, 2017
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General President of WGN speaks out about our Religious Freedom and The United States Birth and Constitution of the United States, And a Warning To The American People....more 8-29-01
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"What's Coming Next" Offer We Do Not Have Available Now Unless We Order New Copies. Rev Kenneth Martin Will Do An Update On The Information To Add Valuable Information Learned Since It Was Produced.
This DVD Was and Is Produced For Teaching Purposes As Well As Prophecies Foretold By The Holy Bible
"Whats Coming Next Updated" Will Be Announced When Available


What's Coming Next ?


Donation Of $29.95 USD and Shipping Is Free In Continental U.S. for each copy

The beginning was in 2004, and then the complete reworking of the CD we began in 2008 now completed.

We have already contacted several Denominations/Organizations with volume pricing. Also a few select groups hoping to get volume orders to get our DVD in production.

The amount of information we had on the Disk was more than a CD could hold, so we were forced to use a DVD for production or hold back information. We thought it best not to withhold anything that we wanted to place in the DVD.

You can learn in the DVD what the Holy Bible tells us who the Muslim Countries are that will invade Israel. With the Muslims Rioting in Gaza Strip, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, and others, with terrorist groups already surrounding Israel in Lebanon (Hezbollah), Gaza Strip (Hamas), Egypt (Muslim Brother hood), and most likely Al-Qaeda in Libya.

This is probably Prophecy Fulfilled in action before our eyes. I expect Russia to join these Muslim Terrorist and countries quickly ahead and attack. all Hell is about to break loose in the World I Perceive in just moments ahead.

I have tried to place in this DVD information to give people Hope to live and see Jesus begin His Reign on earth if they miss the Rapture of The Church.

In the DVD is information from the time from creation up to now in the present day and then beyond to Judgment Day and then beyond to God's Covenant with those after that still will live on in this World in the flesh and blood bodies.

Then information about what Christians Really Are? In Eternity?


Contact Us here At World Gospel Ministries For Volume Pricing. Beginning at 100 DVD's up to 50,000 DVD's or more.

A small break of cost at 25, 50, & 75 DVD's


$29.95 and Free Shipping In Continental U.S. for each single copy

Mail Your Check or Money Order To:

Kenneth R. Martin
504 Lone Elm Dr.
Carl Junction, Mo 64834 U.S.A.



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