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Welcome to our ministry , I will share a few things about myself so you can know more about me if we haven't met before.

 I was saved in 1979 in Modesto, Calif. in U.S., my life had bottomed out. Jesus seen in my heart and called me before his presence and offered me Salvation, I wanted it- So Jesus Saved Me- .

I Married my wonderful Wife " Shirley " in May 30, 1980. God saved me and my wife both after we met. Shirley was raised in the Methodist teaching, and I was raised in the Pentecostal teaching, I still have the Bible I won in The Assembly of God Church I attended as a child in 1953 in Sunray, Texas. At that time I didn't know there was anything else but the Assembly Of God, except for the church that was on the other side of the tracks, and I don't know today what that church was.

After seeking for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in every way I possible could; I tried several ways-

1. My grandmother told me while she was seeking for the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, she just kept saying, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! - I tried it.

2. I even got Baptised again and came up out of the water from being submersed again saying, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

3. The Pastor of the Church, ( Pentecostal Holiness Church) where I attended when I first received my Salvation, he said so many people seem to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in this particular spot at the alter, I tried it.

4. After years of trying, I gave up.

But one thing I recall always came to mind, in the scriptures God spoke to man through the voice of a " Donkey " , and I always knew that if God could talk through a " Donkey " he surely could speak using my tongue since I already knew how to talk ( Speaking in tongues as God gives the utterance demonstrating the outward sign of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost) .

Then one day May 5, 1983 on The National Day of Prayer feeling the need to pray, about 2 or 3 in the afternoon I decided to go in the bedroom to pray. I went into my bedroom and for whatever reason I decided to pray on my wifes side of the bed where she prays instead of where I normally pray on my side. Beginning to pray as as I always do, during my prayer God moved upon me in a special way , I felt the Spirit of God moving in my Stomach ( Belly ) and coming up to my tongue and I begin to " Speak in another Language, as the Spirit of God gave the Utterance " that I had never learned or heard before in my life.

Praise God ! , I finally received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost I thought I would never get it. I sometimes joke that it took a whole nation to pray me through, ha. ha. .

I was called to Preach Gods Word August 2, 1981 - I was visiting another congregation one service , that night the Pastor ( She had worked with the Pentecostal Church of God for Years ) asked if anyone there had felt they had a special calling on there life ,to come forward. I went to the front of the church and in order when the pastor came to me she reveiled to me " She said God has showed me, Your to Preach The Word " and immediately I was " Slain In The Spirit ". That selfsame night my wife Shirley was " Slain In The Spirit, and became Drunk In The Spirit " , when the service was dismissed I helped her to the car she was still heavilly affected by Gods Spirit.

Seven days later in my home church ( Pentecostal Holiness Church ) I was sitting behind a visiting Evangelist, when he was called to the front of the service to minister, after a short while he said I want the man that is sitting behind where I was to come to the front please. Well of coarse that was me and I wondered what could this be. I went to the front and stood in front of this man as he directed, he said to me " You are to walk a New Road Now " I immediately was " Slain In The Spirit ". Another confirmation had now come to me now of my Preaching Gods Word. During this seven day period close after the first time God had reveiled to me I was to Preach, I had just walked out my front door and God spoke to me in my spirit, " Do you want to serve me ? ", I hate to say this but it scared me and my first thought was to say no! , I was afraid I couldn't do it right, " But then realizing it was just what I wanted I told God, Yes.

So every time the occasion arrived I could say I was a preacher, after all to be a preacher is to be called by God and know you are as far as you and God is concerned. Some people think because you have a ministers license that makes you a preacher, how wrong they are, it's God calling only that makes a person a Preacher of Gods Word. It's best to be licensed for several reasons but not mandatory, Although I am an Ordained Minister and I have been for several years.

In October of 1984 God sent me and my family to live and minister in Missouri. Just months before that during a revival that had lasted several weeks in an Assembly Of God Church in Modesto , Calif. , in which I had attended several of the meetings ( My Dad passed away during this same period of time, praise God he was saved two years before that ) . During these meetings God was moving in such a powerful exciting way , people being healed of many things including myself, and many saved. There was 3 or 4 times that I was " Slain In The Spirit " and they had to carry me to our car where my wife would then drive me home with me still under the Power of God. We use to wonder what we would say if a police officer ever stopped our car with me Under Gods Power that way, we never found out since we never was stopped.

There was two times that I remained still Slain in The Spirit, when my wife had driven me home and they carried me into our home, I wonder what the Neighbors must have thought if they seen that ? Once I was laid in the floor in the living room until I came out of Gods Demonstration of his Power. But the other time I was carried to my bedroom and laid on my waterbed, where my wife felt led of God to turn on my Gospel music I listen to, and turn off the light and leave me there.

As I laid there in the wonderful presence of God a Vision appeared to me. I seen the Sky in a dark night full of millions of stars, and God Spoke to me saying - " This is how many I shall save in your Ministry " .

Of coarse not knowing how I have always tried to obey God no matter how bad things get sometimes or how they look.

In 1985 I reached preaching on the airways, exciting Huh ! Well my very first radio station after establishing a program that would be daily until whenever it would end, ended before I started. I made My first taped program and after the pastor ( he evidently did not support Baptised in the Holy Ghost ) that managed that station heard it , Guess What ? . He informed me that he didn't have any place at all on his station at any hour of the day or night or any day for that matter that I could minister on that station. Well greatly hurt and confused with all these so called Spirit Filled people caused me to search out these new descriptions of Spirit Filled as they said they all were. I've learned that when us that have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost say we're Spirit Filled, there are some non-Pentecostal that have been taught that Spirit Filled means no more than what we agreed to when we accepted Jesus, a dedicated life to God.

Well Praise God we did begin our radio ministry in 1985 , " World Gospel Ministries" . My wife Shirley would introduce us and greet the people and I would preach and share as I felt led of God.

My wife Shirley and I have enjoyed many of Gods blessings in our lives, enough that no matter what we could never turn from serving God. I've made my mistakes in life serving God but he has always forgiven me knowing I wasn't perfect when he saved me. Thank God for his Grace by which I'm saved through Faith.

To much has happened to me since I got saved in 1979 to tell it all, even if I could tell, so hopefully this part I've shared will better acquaint us. I pray you are blessed by our ministry, and you will return to this ministry and support us in prayer and how God leads you to support, much is needed.

Join me in prayer that the finances will come in so that we can buy the computer server needed, and  software , and also our own dedicated line.

With a new " Computer Server " and the " Server Software " and the Dedicated Line, I believe with all my heart the " Gospel of Jesus Christ " could be available here at " World Gospel Ministries " 24 Hrs. a Day. Coming to you and World Wide in Sound and Video.

Help me with my " Vision " , I plan to make availabe many ministries at this site,( free to the people that enjoy receiving the " Christian Message " via the Internet) .

With Technology exploding so fast in the Computer age this now is all possible, it wasn't before.

Let's pray that the Ministry of Jesus Christ will be part of this exploding area in these end times.

I have found this is the only way possible with my own hardware and software to minister on the internet with the sound and video. The charge to me for another company to serve these programs would be unbelievable reaching into the many, many thousands of dollars.

The computer server would require a very large Memory to serve this much data. Just imagine , with the new streaming ability of computers, Visit our site and shortly with the Multimedia operation of your computer you will enjoy ministry at its best.

I pray for your many needs and Blessings, God will Provide, I believe in Gods plan for us all. Since God spoke to me that I would minister to people through the internet, I surely know that people shall be blessed by our ministry.


-------------------I have a Vision-----Will you help--------------------------- 


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