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Welcome to our ministry , we pray that God richly blesses you and meets your every need. We know! That God! will give you the desires of your heart. Our desire is to prepare the church for the coming of the Lord, to spread the Good News, to Heal the sick and that the Lost will be found and brought to the light.

Help us and catch our vision to reach the ends of the earth, to preach and teach the Gospel in every language on this Planet Earth . Missionaries from other countries translating into their countries languages, from this platform.

Reaching people in countries Via the WWW where normally Christians couldn't get to or take the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.  Ministers and Teachers,  Leaders of our Denominations sharing a message to the Church,  and this message being translated into every language known to man.

There are server machines on the market today that have hard drive capacities of memory in the Terabytes with multiple processors at speeds of several gigahertz and climbing,  memory in the gigabytes.  Streaming technology is now possible to reach into millions of  listeners for any single program. One of the first expected benefits to be developed from the "  Internet II "  research that's being carried on by hundreds of universities is improved Audio and Video streaming technology.  WE! Can! Preach! The! Gospel! Of! Jesus!

This ministry requires thousands of  dollars per month to operate properly. This  ministry is running of coarse in English only for now. I personally don't have the means to translate into other languages.

My Hope and Prayer is that Missionaries from different denominations will work with  us in  this effort to reach the LOST Before our Lord Comes .

World Gospel Ministries will,  as funds are provided, will continually expand to include other parts of our ministry to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. World Gospel Network was the most important to provide for the Church and the Lost,  and our first effort to begin. Christian News from around the world,  free computer Bibles that can be downloaded from us to use free on your computers.

Since World Gospel Ministries is  a non-profit organization and we aren't in  business with a storefront on the internet, we need your support with your giving. We need your free will offerings to help pay expenses and to pay much needed improvements. We are going to make it possible for you to give online with a secure server, for onetime donations or where your donation is repeated monthly by your pledge offering. It's already in the works, God always meets the need, but we must sow to reap, Gods Word tells us we reap what we sow. World Gospel Ministries needs supporters to sow into this ministry. When you sow into this ministry you are part of this ministry and can receive Gods blessings that he  will reward you with in your giving. You will know that you are part of the pillars that help hold up this ministry, if our hands are not held up we can't win this battle. 

God Always Gives His Best, God Expects The Same From Us

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